Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wander, Don't Wonder!

(Thanks to "", for image & instruction!)

Sunday morning, our "Power"-Walks took place in the old "Midland Railroad Bed" (Here's the site we used as a guide!).

For 14 years, I'd walked & driven past this collection of tunnels & tiers, always wondering where they went, what they were for, and how they came to be. After starting these nature hikes (The Outdoor version of "Occult Sciences, 101"), it occurred to me that I had to come up with different areas to actually take these hikes. I did the research, and it paid off!

When a guide book tells you a difficulty rating on a trail, You Listen!
I assumed they were exaggerating when they rated it 4-out-of-5 in difficulty. You know: Lawsuits & such. They weren't kidding! Chalk it up to life-experience!
"You can't get Life-Experience if you don't go out and Have A Life!" ~Ac-ism #20-something
Reagan brought along a GPS device, and we made "Geo-Caching" part of the trip. That was fun! I hope to include it with the class as often as she accompanies us (I don't own one of those device, myself, but if it appeals to the rest of the class,...)

If the weather is agreeable, we're going to Bear Creek Nature Center, next time. The paths are easy, and I think we could use some gentle terrain! ~L~

We'll be meeting at 21st Street & Argus Drive, in the little parking lot, just west of the tennis courts. I've visited it, but never walked it.

I can't wait to see how it goes!

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