Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Spring Full of Promise

My apologies for leaving the blog dormant for a few, it's been a bit hectic around here.
There are many goals that I have set for myself in life, and am walking the long, rutted, dusty road to achieving them.
The archetype that my soul has always connected to is that of the Warrior. In that light, the winter and spring has been chock full of training. My next goal is to master the firearm, a long neglected aspect of training. So my days are filled with making items for the shop, labeling and packaging, writing code, and planning new projects. We were recently fortunate enough to acquire a Hyatt volume that was missing from our collection, and I have been buried in that for a bit. My nights are filled with study and practice. Weekends are spent on the range when the weather is nice enough. Often it is discouraging, as in "I am not where I want to be right now with this", any of it, but I'm plugging along. I have the help of wonderful friends, but the horizon seems miles away :)
There really is no such thing as a finished product, most particularly where people are concerned.

So that explains my long absence from the blog. Running a business is very similar to having a child: You devote obscenely long hours to it, get up at odd hours to feed and care for it, it gives you great joy, but sometimes you just need time to take care of yourself.