Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"Stoned" with Stones and the Anticraft

It's been a busy week, and it's only Tuesday!
We've secured a PO Box, for mail orders, posted our shipping rates, and now that we have found a supplier that deals exclusively with ethically mined stones and crystals, we will be offering them in the shop.
Carmin & I just spent half the day handling and shooting stones for display on our site.


After about two hours, your skin is like a tuning fork, with all the different vibration changes you've gone through!

Our supplier is an interesting piece of work, as well! Her cultivated A.D.D. is quite the tool, helping her attend to us, deal with other clients, as well as drop-in friends, two wee-ones wandering about, and still finding time for the occasional smoke break! She's a Trip! Amazing, but still a Trip!

...and we have to go back, and continue shooting, tomorrow!
My head is already spinning!


Playing with the lovely stones all day definitely recharged my batteries. I bought a few for myself, rose quartz. It was funny; I've spent so much time working with obscure occult materials, stones inclusive, that I forgot that I could enjoy this stone so much. I mean, it's like, fluffy! It's love-y dovey! It's GIRLY! I've been swooning from it all night, and apparently, Aine likes it too!

Yup, Aine finally got a pair :P

The Samhain issue of The AntiCraft finally came out, I'm still working on the Vlad Tepes hat from last issue. These are most definitely my kind of people ( a little twisted)


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