Saturday, October 4, 2008

Three Weeks of Foot-in-Mouth Disease

I shouldn't even be posting this. Mercury retrograde has been playing havoc with me. Yeah, yeah, I know that it should not affect me as harshly because I am AWARE of it, and I am not one of those Witches that hides under the bed until Mercury goes direct, but here's the thing: No man is an island. Interacting with people, on a daily basis who are angry and belligerent because their computers are reenacting "The Exorcist", or credit cards are doing loop-de-loops, cell phones are gleefully dropping calls, letters are playing hooky,... I mean, come on. It's a trying time. I had a woman in today who looked at me like I said a dirty word (it was a very nice "thank you") grabbed her things, and slammed the door.

Something that has intrigued me about this particular retrograde period is that the normally "voiceless" people have found their voice, and are waving it from the rooftops. All repressed emotion seems to be spilling from the mouth, like a combination of mental diarrhea and wasabi : vitriolic, burning, and profuse. Wow, bet that conjured up a really gross mental image :)
This is the dark, seedy underbelly of the meek and mild.
I think that whatever planetary conjunction is manifesting these tendencies can also be used for healthy, positive, and powerful workings. The tightly coiled spring, released, is a powerful medium for energy. Let me know what you think (if this didn't translate as a series of cuss words and gibberish)


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