Thursday, October 30, 2008

News from A Broad

I'll do a proper post tomorrow, however, just want to let everyone know whats going on:

We had another article posted on Witchvox, "Which Witch is "Persona-Color-Predator-Planet-God-Organ"?" The response has been phenomenal, but Azzerac is kind of disappointed that he only got one piece of hate mail.

I've buried myself in SEO marketing techniques, which is more fun than chewing off my own face. It's good to be learning something new, but the techniques get outdated so quickly as to render them almost useless.
My many thanks go to Pat (a.k.a Bo's Mom); the master of web marketing, and wicked awesome with a set of runes. If it weren't for her, we would still be getting off the ground. I'm going to bribe her with some more of my fab solar incense for web secrets. I love bartering :D

Have to get the next batch of Kyphi started before I go off to bed. I'm re-reading Wyrd Sisters, by Terry Pratchett. If I don't bring it back to the library tomorrow, our dear savage librarians are going to hunt me down and put my head on a pole outside the "Overnight Return" box as a warning to other naughty patrons.

Nighty night, and a Blessed New Moon to you!


Anonymous said...

Since you like to read and apparently love alchemy, I was wondering if you've ever read The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho?

I found it at the thrift store the other day and though it is a work of fiction, I recognized some alchemical symbols on the front and reverse covers and thought it might be a good story and that I might find some material for my other blog The Grimerie on the portrayal of magic in the media.

Anyway, I came home and looked it up and it is one of the biggest things since sliced bread. According to the Guiness Book of Records, it's been printed in more languages than any other book, and its won a ton of awards.

So I guess I'll start reading it Saturday when I am off again, and post my review.

Carolina Dean

PS: Love the cleverness of this blog's

Lodestone and Ladys Mantle said...

Haven't read it yet. Actually, I've never even heard of it. Sounds like a great find though, can't wait to see your review.


Anonymous said...

I finished it in one day, but haven' been in the mood to write a review just yet.

I got off work last yesterday evening and stopped to get gas and my debit card was missing. I think the cashier at wendy's didn't give it back monday night.

So I tore the car and house apart, and nothing. I went up to the bank early this morning to cancel the card and order a new one.

I'm very sleep now after gotten up so early, so I don't need the tarot to see a nap in my future.

The book was pretty good, it had a good message about following your dreams, but I don't know if Wiccans will like that it draws on Christian and Muslim mythology to gets its point across.

I also wanted to say that I noticed you've chosen to follow my other blog too and thank you for your interest.

Carolina Dean