Sunday, September 27, 2009

Samhain Treats

The skulls are done!
Finally, after mold mishaps and recarvings for the master, Ac finished the skull mold, and I'm casting these beauties just in time for Samhain. The one above is palm wax, but future candles will be done in soy, in a variety of colors (and we're taking color requests). He's a bit neo-primitive, inspired by Victorian anatomy charts and traditional calavera sugar skulls from Mexico.

Next up are figural candles that are... a bit more realistic. And hot. The commercially available figural candles always looked depressed, lank, and slightly erm, Ken-like. As in Ken-and-Barbie ;)

As promised, I've selected a new winner for the contest, as the last winner never sent the shipping info. I really, really love this incense and wanted to share... so I selected 2 winners instead of 1. Mwahahaha! *ahem*
Coyote Rose and Milaka, I believe that we already have your shipping info (let me know if anything has changed) and you 2 should be getting a pack in the mail by the weekend, or Monday at the latest :)
I hope you enjoy!


Proud as Punch

A necklace I made for a friend's birthday :)
I carved it out of deer bone that we found in the canyon down the street. This is probably the most complicated piece I've done so far (a Celtic shield knot), and was really proud about how it turned out. I took this picture before the obligatory morning coffee, so it isn't the steadiest shot... lol

A quick note: I didn't get a response from the winner of the incense giveaway, so I'll be selecting a new winner tonight, from the previous entries.



Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's Finished!!!!

I love that in-between state of knitting projects... the rush of finishing a piece, and contemplating the next one. Drooling over fibers and possibilities at the local yarn shop, writing patterns in my head, dreaming over complex cables and Fair Isle...but repetition is a killer . That said, this particular scarf was a joy to make. The bamboo and silk combination is light and soft, and the color never got old no matter how long I looked at it :) I chose a moss stitch (a.k.a seed stitch) for an earthy, organic look. It makes an excellent contrast to the elegant and subtle sheen of the yarn. Currently available in the Etsy shop

And on to the next project! Found a luscious hand-spun Romney that's begging to be used.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hike Sunday Morning, 10am!

For those in Colorado, our Witchcraft Group Hike is still on for Sunday at 10am! Meeting at Nile Cafe, in Manitou Springs, CO!

We're looking to hike William's Canyon again!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

And the Winner Is...

Winner of the Dia de los Muertos Incense is Starwind Evensong, over at Stirda Witches Cauldron. Thanks to everyone who participated, and I hope to have another giveaway soon!


Monday, September 7, 2009

Hebe, The Goddess of Manitou

Some of you may remember, a few months back, a case of mistaken identity with the town goddess. The original statue (thought to be Hygeia) has graced the town center for 119 years, and was revealed as Hebe by one of our locals, who also happens to be an art historian. Manitou recently sponsored a contest, enticing our artist-rich town to paint versions of the statue, which will eventually be auctioned off. In the meantime, they are gathering worshipers and praise along the Ave. I snapped some pix yesterday wandering around town.

Next to Wheeler Spring and the Post Office

At the Crossroads of Manitou Ave and Ruxton

Surveying her domain

Hebe in a more classical style, next to Soda Springs Park

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day of the Dead Blog Giveaway!

First giveaway! This is one of my original formulas, composed of rum infused copal, rare and fragrant osha root, marigold, rich spices, and other herbs sacred and pleasing to the ancestors. great for Samhain rituals, or as a regular part of your ancestral altar (mine sure like it). One lucky reader will win a free pack; just leave a comment anywhere on the blog and we'll throw your name in the hat. Winner will be announced in two weeks :)



Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Class tonight!

For those of you in Manitou, you know that (since it's the First Tuesday) we have class tonight!

Today we'll be working on honing those ESP, Telepathy, and Remote viewing skills. We'll refresh on basic areas on the brain, as well as different mental calisthenics for "Getting In the Zone".

BRING A NOTEPAD! You'll Need it tonight!

We'll cover more depth on each, but as always, never forget we're also a social gathering: Don't get scared-off if you haven't been with us since day One. (The only one who has is Ac, and that's just 'cause he teaches it).

All are welcome, regardless of skill, experience, or attendance (Unless you're under 18, or prone to criminal activity).

We're at 720 Manitou Ave, at Black Cat Book Store, from 7pm-9pm (That's 19-21 hundred hours, for the military folks).

As Always, it's Free!