Wednesday, October 15, 2008

One Big Scary Step

Have you ever had a "clue-by-four" moment?
I quit my "day job" today.
Shortly after arriving, I found a coworker torturing an injured bird (he hit the glass) before breaking its neck.
I came to the realization that it may not be the healthiest work environment, and handed in my resignation. That was just a proverbial straw. There was more. I mean, it was the kind of place that wears you down to a nothing-person after awhile.
A big, scary step. And I gotta tell you, I haven't been this happy in years. In the ensuing panic of being ENTIRELY self-employed, I got busy.

I've spent the night (finally) getting our stuff in the Etsy Shop, including one of my personal favorites, Abra-Melin Oil. Warm, luscious cinnamon-gingery, silky myrrh. It's impossible to describe properly in words; tangible on my skin like cream.

I'm in my Polly Anna mode right now. Everything always works out. Just, keep your fingers crossed for me!



Jeff said...

Congratulations. That's the sort of thing we ignore at our own peril, imho of course. Here's wishing the perp a long, long life.

Lodestone and Ladys Mantle said...

:) Thanks! I'm trusting intuition right now!

Celestite said...

Everything WILL work out. Congratulations on your decision. Soul-sucking jobs are not worth it in the long run.

Anonymous said...

I don't blame you for quitting your job, but I think I would kicked that guy in the balls first!

Change can be scary, but if you weren't capable of succeeding in this, you'd never had the courage to quit in the first place.


Carolina Dean