Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Playing Catch up

Woot! Woot! Thanks to Azzerac, the candle molds are finally done! We should have the new soy-wax candles in the shop by the end of the week:) It will be great to get that giant sack of soy wax that has been lurking in our supply cupboard turned into something useful, finally!
I finished a wire wrapped double terminated quartz necklace last night, and slept with it on to see if it would be scratchy. No
scratches, but my dreams were really intense. Something about Tommy and fruit. I have no idea :P
Experimenting with an egg-cage-nautical design for the wrap. Sounds weird, but I like it.
I like the design for the charm bags, but they look so much different than the standard velvet pouch that everyone is used to. I'm not sure if other practitioners will use them? As often as people say they want something new and different, its kind of disheartening when they want the same old thing anyway.

I have good news: My special recipe for Banishing Powder, which has had marvelous results in my own workings ( the psychotic ex was found in a forest in Montana, covered in ticks), has recently been used with great results by an acquaintance. His crackhead neighbors were given an eviction notice a few hours after he threw a pinch at their door.


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