Monday, February 23, 2009

Rumblings In Pagan Cyberspace + Ramblings

If you haven't heard tell of the current uproar in the Occult community, or seen the angry mobs marching past your hut waving pitchforks and brandishing torches, well, chances are you've been minding your own business, *tsk, tsk*

When I read this mornings post from Hecate over a cup of coffee, the entry about the Frost's newest book garnered a derisive snort and and a groan, amounting to a colorfully coffee splattered monitor. Hey, you try doing all three at once :P
But not much more. I've never taken the Frost's or their mail order degrees seriously, so it didn't hurt my feelings when they wrote this:

“Any initiatory sex should be with a “stranger” — an initiated Witch of the coven [that] the neophyte plans to join. . . . The underlying tradition here is sometimes overlooked. If the Craft means enough to you that you are willing to abide by its tenets then abide by them! If you cannot transcend your cultural brainwashing and accept the assignment to have sex one time with an assigned partner, in accordance with centuries of Craft tradition, the Craft can’t mean that much to you. Here’s the door. Don’t call yourself a Witch.”

See, the thing is, I've never met an occultist that believed everything they read. I have some bloody awful books on my shelves (if you want the most embarrassing and awful titles, just ask :)). I've used them to teach before, as in " this is how NOT to cast a spell, and why".but apparently should really begin reading more of them.*Everyone else has, while I've had my head stuck in the

What I am simply amazed by is the "cultural brainwashing" bit. Do what we say, or you are a brainwashed ninny who can't think for themselves. Wow, where have we heard THAT kind of rhetoric before? Sounds like a combination of a sweaty drunk prom date and that creepy neighbor that used to touch his balls and offer you lemonade.

Hell, its 2AM, I'm getting punchy, and that last comment probably gave you a disgusting mental image. Stopping... NOW!

And apropos of nothing at all, some formulas that we've been testing over the winter are finally ready to be offered for sale; they just needed some hardcore fine-tuning to be both aesthetically pleasing and ritually effective. The latest are woven around entire legends from various cultures, portrayed in scent and energy. I can't wait to see what you think; this project has been my baby for the past few months, incredibly inspiring, and challenging.
Many new items going up are more closely focused on European and Middle Eastern magic, as many of you have requested.
Herbal ritual papers are in the not-so-distant future, as well as a few new inks. My fiber addiction and latest interest has been put aside for the moment, as responsibilities call. I'm really freakin' tired, and desperately want to go hiking tomorrow; hitting the Post Office in the morning, sending out thank yous :) and then ignoring this bloody computer for the rest of the day!
You guys take care, and give a holler if you need anything!


*I don't like to take things out of context, so I will read this book. Don't think there is much chance of having misunderstood this bit, but I'll give it a whirl. What the hell, right?


Celestite said...

"See, the thing is, I've never met an occultist that believed everything they read. I have some bloody awful books on my shelves "

I cracked up at that! Very true.

Lodestone and Ladys Mantle said...

lol, they do come in handy...
I feel kind of responsible to keep up with the stuff coming out, ya know? Like, if this is what the majority of our community is reading, then it will have an impact on Pagan culture, whether for weal or woe.