Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hit and Run, A Day for Cheap Shots

Do you remember that kid on the playground that would kick you in the shins, and then run crying behind the closest teacher or parent?
I've noticed an odd trend of this kind of behavior among adults. Today, we received a letter through Witchvox, from someone with no account, and who had entered a fake email address, so that I couldn't reply to their cheap shot. I only re-post it here for educational purposes. For the record, there is a big difference between European and Diasporic magical traditions and tools. I mark everything on the site accordingly. Their letter is as follows:
You have the nerve to down folks who are "Not Educated enough in the craft" I saw on
your Wears site

Graveyard Dust (Botanical)

Many plants bear the name "Graveyard Dust" or "Graveyard Dirt". They can be used as
a substitute in almost any recipe calling for the actuality. Wear in mojo and charm
bags to protect against evil and negative energies; to honor ancestral spirits and draw
upon the wisdom of the ancients; or when working with all chthonic deities.

LOL Graveyard Dust or dirt is NOT a plant. It's acuall GREAVEYARD DIRT!

Ahh you MetaFuzzy fools.

Don't even try to understand Hoodoo or conjour. You two
"white-Lite" LOL

My reply follows:

Interesting that you say this; as I wrote in the description, botanical
graveyard dust is not to be used the same way that "Graveyard Dirt" is;
they are two different animals. The botanical form has a history within
European magic, the actuality is used primarily within Diasporic
practices. I find it interesting that you cut out the part where I
said "They can be used as a substitute in almost any recipe calling for the actuality, however Hoodoo
spells call for the real deal".
Seems downright convenient that you left this out; who's point are you trying to prove?

you claim a background in Hoodoo, I'm frankly surprised that you don't
know the difference between the two. Simply because the names are
similar does not mean they are the same thing. If you have been doing
Root work for any length of time, I'm sure you've run across at least
four different plants that share the same name, but are completely
different. If you are interested in actually learning about the
historic traditions, I recommend that you get Harry Hyatt's volumes on
the subject. Perhaps we can speak again when you have put a little more
study into your path.

Lodestone & Lady's Mantle

So, yeah. I sent the letter and got a delivery failure notice. I love answering or debating questions about magical technique. Not so much when they want to kick me in the shins and run away screaming like a child. I've always been careful to distinguish between tools for various Traditions and purposes.
Somehow that isn't enough anymore? It's a bit disheartening, I guess. I approach most practitioners like they know what the hell they are talking about, and
don't need anyone to spell it out for them with pat drivel.


Brighid's House O' Masks said...

That was awesome. :D

AriannaBlackstone said...

good for you!

Cerwydwyn said...

I came to visit via the comment you left on my blog. I think you came to visit so that I could find YOUR blog! LOL. I am a reticent in the backwater Baptist hardcore poor Republican redneck (no commas on purpose) place where I live, I am honestly afraid to openly live as someone whose beliefs lean more toward paganism than Christianity. So, 'squeeeeee!' I'm so happy you led me to your blog. TYVM =)

Lodestone and Ladys Mantle said...

Nah, nothing that predetermined, or frankly, sinister :D. A Google alert popped up in our inbox, from a Witchvox RSS feed on your blog. I got caught up reading for about two hours.

Cerwydwyn said...

Sometimes plain text is so frustrating! I didn't mean to imply that there was anything sinister but more like you had a hand on your shoulder when you clicked the link and checked out my blog. Sort of Divine Intervention and all that.
I have a few acquaintances in the Tidewater pagan community but there's nothing down here that I can find. It's funny but we also read a lot of the same blogs, I just don't list them on my Blog Roll.
Anyway, I'm thrilled to have found your blog and have enjoyed reading what i've read so far. Cerwy<----your newest subscriber =)

Lodestone and Ladys Mantle said...

Don't you love synchronicity?! You're kind of living the dream though, a farm, lots of animals... Even with the butt-head neighbors :)