Monday, February 16, 2009

A Case of Mistaken Identity and News From the Front Line

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So... it turns out that the statue of Hygeia in the center of town isn't Hygeia at all, but Hebe. I always wondered why I got that funny, pissed off feeling from her when leaving offerings at her feet. A case of mistaken identity spanning the course of 118 years, prompted by the man who donated Her to the town, Jerome Wheeler.
Epic FAIL.

I always thought she just didn't like me much. I dunno. There are a few deities that I don't get along with. I've always had a saying: Never work with a god you couldn't have a beer with. So, erm, yeah. I'll be trotting down to the park to make reparations with Her, see how it goes. Laughing my ass off.

Sorry I haven't been active much on the Internet the past week or so; sometimes it's necessary to step back and get some perspective. Tired of the bitchery of forums, message boards, social networks etc. After Occult Forums closed abruptly, with no warning, Ac ran across a similar site, and inquired about advertising. Helped the owner figure out how to set up advertisers in a way beneficial to himself, the advertisers, and the members of the forum. After we all agreed on a set price, the guy pulled a bait-and-switch, and raised the price by 25%, with an additional option to forum members; they could pay $2.00 not to see the ads at all. Nobody wins but the guy holding the wallet :( He then banned Ac from the forum after he objected to this unethical behavior (in a private message, not in the open forum). Yeah.

I need to not hate people right now... need to believe that not everyone is out there to take what they can grab. Miss the garden during times like these. Pulling weeds is excellent therapy!
Tired of New Age attention whores and media-seeking whoopie witches, of people that try to drag others down so they can feel like they've done something with their lives.
So yeah, I'm a bit tired, world-weary, and grumpy right now, but it will pass.

The sale of the month is going to stay up for a few extra days, as there was a glitch with the payment buttons and we had to pull a few all-nighters to get them fixed, and test everything. Geez, didn't realize we had that much stuff, lol. Anyway, I'll be switching over the sales tomorrow night, so if anyone wants to weigh in, just holler!

I've been up to my elbows in herbs, resins, and woods all week, crafting fresh incense, and some of the older formulas are coming down from the shop, mostly the single component formulas. Frankly, I don't think they bring enough to the table. So more blends are going up, as soon as they dry.

Oh, btw, there will be another podcast forthcoming,soon :D


Brighid's House O' Masks said...

Hee! "media-seeking whoopie witches." That a new one. Almost as fun as "mcwiccans."

Glad you cleared that up about the statue. Funny coincidence, a guy in the 'Springs cleared up the Japanese gate on Nevada. Although we do have a sister city to Fujioyoshida, they did not in fact donate the gate. They gave us a cherry blossom plant, but the Colorado Springs Downtown Rotary Club pulled the money together and donated the gate and other Japanese sculptures, as well as the garden, to the City of Colorado Springs in 1966. The Japanese just thought it was cool, but the locals came up with the idea, the cash and the craftsmanship. Yay! Whee! 'N stuff.

Shoshona said...

Well, sounds like stress. May peace come your way, you two. Love you lots! I'll try and stop by soon to say hello and give hugs.

Greymentality said...

Hi there! I'm glad you linked this to your website because I was having trouble with blogspot. :)

Anyway, hopefully you'll find some weeds to pull soon or maybe crablegs to break to relieve that pressure. Remember, kickboxing is always nice. I hope your stress eases and comes back down to Earth. Take it easy, k?

Lodestone and Ladys Mantle said...

Thanks, Grey!
Turning the garden over this week, and hoping to get some bulbs in while it is still a bit chilly.
Hoping to get back into some sort of training soon; amazing what physical exertion can do for mental health, yeah? ;)