Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dream A Little Dream

Love that song;)
No but seriously, have you ever had a dream that was intimately tangible?
Had a rather strange one last night... not sure I want to 'share with the class' yet, so to speak.

Experimenting with a variation on my old Uncrossing bath salts formula. I think the dream/ heightened psychic awareness may have been a manifestation of that. It was the only variable I can pinpoint right now... Taking notes, and fine tuning the formula.
Anyone want to play guinea pig? ;)

Ac is doing the next podcast on Wednesday, with or without me, so it should be up shortly after that. Give us a few days to edit and such.
If the weather keeps up the good behavior, the outdoor classes should be starting up again soon.


Dragonpearl said...

How would bath salts work if you only had a shower?

I'd be a guinea pig for ya.

Lodestone and Ladys Mantle said...

Oh, the joys of being in Manitou, where a bathtub is practically an endangered species ;D
You can wrap it in a sachet and hang it from the shower head, but it isn't nearly as effective. Or fill a pan with water and the salts and sort of do a sponge bath type deal. For uncrossing, wash downward, from your head to your feet, and away from the center; chest to tips of fingers, etc.
Honestly, I would borrow someones bathtub, maybe your boyfriends, your Mum's, or Bryce's. :)

Two Strands Soap Works said...

I'd be happy to test the salts out for you. :o) I've got a tub - I just need to get over my laziness about cleaning it afterwards! LOL