Sunday, January 11, 2009

Strange Neighbors

Amazing how surreal little bits of beauty creep in during the dark months. The squirrel in the pictures above is nicknamed Skitter, and she has memorized my days off.

Its very disconcerting to step onto the porch, in the early morning light, a cup of coffee in one hand, cigarette in the other, and get chased in circles by a very sweet, kinda jacked up squirrel. Her ear has a rip, she walks with a wee limp, and lately has looked way too skinny. Definitely not diseased, but the winter has been kinda tough up here. The summer was short, and not much grew.

I'm not much of a "feed the animals" person. In fact, I consider most people who are to be complete dumb asses. We live in bear country. It isn't a great idea to leave food on the front porch, ya know?

But Skitter... I like her. She used to watch me work in the garden this past summer. It's a strange feeling to be studied so deeply by that tiny little ball of moxie.

Have a great night, hope to see you on the 'morrow!


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Dragonpearl said...

We've got one that comes around every day and literally knocks on our door. We think she's the decendant of the one that came to visit us when we first moved out here.