Monday, January 26, 2009


No one warned me that you could 'loose it' composing & editing podcasts!

Ac here, and I'm just coming off the first leg of editing instalment #1 of "Vox Lapis: The Voice of The Stone", an irregularly-scheduled 'thingy' we've decided to branch-out into, for the site. Maybe this wasn't such a grand Idea?

I spent many a year behind a microphone, but I never guessed how different it would be from just opening my mouth on the air. Just think of me, trying to say something meaningful AND watch my language! I gave up!
Not the podcast: That's going, as planned. I gave up watching my tounge!
...or holding it.

I tried to "Play Nice", really I did! I think I tried TOO hard. Something snapped, and the frog-prince turned back into a pumpkin, on a scarecrow, in a field of straw, to be spun into gold, as he scares the crap out of the Ravens, the Moonshadows, the Silverhawks, and all of the other "White-Lighter", Addicted-To-"Charmed", Fluffy-Bunnies in Purple Veloure!
(Was that too many metaphores?)


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