Friday, January 16, 2009

And It Goes Something Like This...

Race against the sun to get good pictures (the light dies at 3pm).
Edit, crop, size, and hopefully put them in the right folder.
Write a short piece about each new item, write the code, get it placed properly, make payment buttons, fumble with the new organizing system, shout at least three incomprehensible swear words, have a cigarette.
Realize that you are 10 minutes behind schedule with the upload. Mutter eighteen expletives, some of which are only known in certain remote bits of Australia.To wombats.
Do the upload. Check it on the B machine, only to realize that the stone pictures came out broken. Scream.
Wish for the liquor fairy.
Re-upload all the pictures. Realize that the new herbs that were set in place for a future installment are there, but no one can have them.
Fearful of being branded an herb-tease, you make new buttons. Re-upload. Double and triple check, still with the vague paranoia that you have forgotten something. Growl.
"Where's that damn liquor fairy?!"

Urm, yeah. That's me and web design. The monthly specials are all in place. There is a prosperity and luck theme this month, with Algiers Fast Luck Oil, Green Calcite, Organic Peppermint, and the perennial favorite, kyphi incense. Just because you guys * lurv* it ;) Excellent for chasing away winter doldrums.

Tomorrow, more of the same. The new year brought with it a windfall of beautiful, drool-worthy new stones and crystals, all ethically harvested and mined, like the rest of the collection, and it should be up by tomorrow evening.

Class will be held on Tuesday night, and now that the end of winter is in sight (fingers crossed), the "Power-Walks: Magic in the Great Outdoors" class will begin again.
Hoping for mid-March.
Heck, hoping that more local Pagans actually want to get outside this year. <----Broad hint.



kim* said...

happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

You raaaaaaaaannnnnnnggggg?

Opps sorry, wrong fairy. I'm more of a lick'em fairy than a lick'er fairy......