Sunday, September 27, 2009

Samhain Treats

The skulls are done!
Finally, after mold mishaps and recarvings for the master, Ac finished the skull mold, and I'm casting these beauties just in time for Samhain. The one above is palm wax, but future candles will be done in soy, in a variety of colors (and we're taking color requests). He's a bit neo-primitive, inspired by Victorian anatomy charts and traditional calavera sugar skulls from Mexico.

Next up are figural candles that are... a bit more realistic. And hot. The commercially available figural candles always looked depressed, lank, and slightly erm, Ken-like. As in Ken-and-Barbie ;)

As promised, I've selected a new winner for the contest, as the last winner never sent the shipping info. I really, really love this incense and wanted to share... so I selected 2 winners instead of 1. Mwahahaha! *ahem*
Coyote Rose and Milaka, I believe that we already have your shipping info (let me know if anything has changed) and you 2 should be getting a pack in the mail by the weekend, or Monday at the latest :)
I hope you enjoy!


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Milaka, proprietress, said...

I must say I am a dope as re. getting online daily and checking for *erm* updates on things I've shown an interest in.

So imagine my shock! when I found a treat bag of your incense in the mail. :o) You're too kind and as always I am certain that I (and the spirits I commune with) will relish your offering.

The little voodoo doll pics are so cute!!! Who would have thought to make one look so sweet? :o) It would be perfect for binding rituals - hee hee!

Blessings of Autumn! )O( M