Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Class tonight!

For those of you in Manitou, you know that (since it's the First Tuesday) we have class tonight!

Today we'll be working on honing those ESP, Telepathy, and Remote viewing skills. We'll refresh on basic areas on the brain, as well as different mental calisthenics for "Getting In the Zone".

BRING A NOTEPAD! You'll Need it tonight!

We'll cover more depth on each, but as always, never forget we're also a social gathering: Don't get scared-off if you haven't been with us since day One. (The only one who has is Ac, and that's just 'cause he teaches it).

All are welcome, regardless of skill, experience, or attendance (Unless you're under 18, or prone to criminal activity).

We're at 720 Manitou Ave, at Black Cat Book Store, from 7pm-9pm (That's 19-21 hundred hours, for the military folks).

As Always, it's Free!

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