Friday, June 4, 2010

Huh. I Guess Some of This Does Sound Odd

Mausoleum door, in my favorite cemetery.

Running an occult shop is (mostly) like running any business. Many practitioners that get into this field are often in for a nasty shock when they realize that things like accounting crop up. Still, it's wonderfully rewarding and spiritually fulfilling to be immersed 24/7 in what you love.

So, being immersed, I sometimes forget that certain items that we offer may look and sound a bit strange to outsiders.
While digging through traffic statistics for the site (another un-fun but necessary part of business) I discovered that we had made the Regretsy Facebook page (Scroll down a bit, then a bit more). Ah... namely for Graveyard Dirt and Banishing powder.

I'm a huge believer in using and testing the magical tools in the shop before selling them instead of picking out ingredients from a table of correspondence, throwing them in a bowl, and glibly describing how they work. A regrettable number of sellers do this. On a quick side note: this is often why it may take us a bit longer than others to get new products added to the site. Multiple practitioners skilled in different Traditions or magical techniques test out our products, and give feedback. Depending on results, we may juggle ingredients, retest, juggle a bit more, then offer it for sale. Or we may scrap the project and dig deeper into research to find an older source or more accurate formula. I truly believe that this makes a huge difference in the final product and it's efficacy. Or it's just maddening anal-retentiveness. I prefer the former to the latter. ;)

What this is really leading up to: Our Graveyard Dirt is actually from a graveyard. I enjoy visiting with the dead, doing a bit of housework on neglected old plots, listening to this peaceful little bit of land out in the woods, repeating the familiar ritual, and being gifted with something special. Maybe it's a bit Creepy Suzy for outsiders, but I hope that you guys value the little extra steps taken to get you the real deal. While it is generally preferred to work with the dirt from a family member's grave*, for many (including yours truly) that just isn't possible. Plus, I got tired of sending about 10 emails a day with instructions on how to gather it. So here we are ;)

Oh, yes. The Banishing Powder. I had some seriously crap neighbors (and a pervy boss, ugh) my first semester in college. Sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. This little can of whoopass has worked every time. It's the "I've tried playing nice with you, jackass, but no more" formula. Pretty inexpensive because the ingredients aren't terribly exotic, expensive, or need special ordering.

It's always interesting seeing another perspective, one that tumbles you out of your little world and makes you go "Huh. So that's what that looks like to other people. I'll be darned". Just wait 'till they get a look at the raccoon penis bones X-D

I hope that this was educational, and possibly, amusing ;P

* Rather than go off on another side note or tangent, there is a good solid reason or two behind using family dirt. First, more likely than not, your ancestors have your best interest in mind. They want you to succeed if for nothing else than the continuation of the family line and the feeding of their spirit. For another, you probably know the personality and attitude of your relatives, if only from stories. It's the difference between asking a stranger or a friend to hold your purse while you get your shoe tied, see?

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