Friday, June 25, 2010

Brand Spanking New Handcrafted Occult Goodies

Freestanding taper candles, simple, elegant, and practical, from Azzerac's original mold. We have a lot of candles and other goodies jostling for their premiere at the moment, but I couldn't wait to start casting these!
A variation on the traditional pyramid, being taller and a little more narrow, (perfect for small altar space), these have a wide base that can fit an array of spell items underneath (name papers, money, photos etc. for attraction spells) and nice flat sides for inscribing symbols, runes, and sigils for spell casting.

The colors remind me of a forest in autumn, just before dawn. Knit with a blend of wool and soy ( awesomely versatile plant, isn't it?!) and adorned with a simple wooden button. I've finished another of these, in shades of pearl, and a few more are on their way (knitting as fast as I can!). This one is for sale in our Etsy shop.
Just as a heads up, I tend to flit from one project to the next, and rarely remake a finished piece- unless you ask nicely ;) Because everything in the shop is handcrafted, each item is unique, and recreations will often have differences, ones that often even surprise their creator!

Saved the best for last: from the anvil of Matthius, a gorgeous hand forged, spiral-handled athame and boline set. You can see this set, and more lovelies for sale, on his Craftsman's Corner.

Hope you all are well, and had a lovely Solstice!


K(Banterings of a Basketcase) said...

wow- I love the knitted and woven goodies- so much work and so pretty!

michel said...

ooooh, so many pretties. I particularly love the tarot bag... very nice indeed :)