Saturday, March 7, 2009

Simple Pleasures-Handcrafted Soap

Photo copyright Two Strands Soap Works, used with permission

It's amazing how something simple and pure can delight you utterly.The beautiful soap handcrafted by Two Strands Soap Works is one of those things that turns the necessity of a bath or shower into a pleasing everyday ritual.
Subtly scented, and chock full of precious herbs, resins, and natural essential oils, their bars are made the old fashioned way,in small batches with no nasty chemical additives like commercial soap.
My personal favorite is the Seafoam; it is wonderfully exfoliating, and moisturizes my skin even against the tough Colorado winters.I also love the Vin Rose; redolent of red roses and Washington State Merlot; very rich, luxurious scent, and wonderful lather.
One of the most recent additions to their shop are devotional ritual soaps, made with intent, and geared toward specific deities.The attention to detail is wonderful, as is their customer service.
This wonderful husband and wife team also make really fun D10 and D20 dice soaps, perfect for your favorite gamer. I haven't gotten a chance to try these out yet, but I know a lot of hard-to-buy-for-gamers, so... it's only a matter of time. :D

Check out their wonderful body products, and support your favorite Pagan crafter today!


Dragonpearl said...

Carmin, now there is an idea. Instead of uncrossing bath salts, how about soaps?

Lodestone and Ladys Mantle said...

That would be grand, but I don't know how to make real soap (cold or hot process) yet :) It's a pretty involved craft, that would definitely involve getting a bigger kitchen, lots of equipment (where to store it?!) and locking my curious cats in the bathroom so they don't get hurt.

I may do melt and pour soap sometime in the near future, with essential oils, herbs, etc. added, and created at specific planetary times. Right now, I'd rather buy handmade soap and stick to my crafting strengths.

How's the crochet coming along? Ya gotta show me next class!

Nanna Grace said...

Merry Greet! I have an award for you over on my blog if you would like to receive it. I so enjoy every thing i read on your blog.. thank you so much for sharing with us all. Brightest Blessings!