Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Show and Tell

Ugggh. Weird void-of-course Moon seems to be tossing my mind about like jelly. I had actually looked forward to a WHOLE day I could spend in the workshop, making ceramics (playing in the mud). The clay just isn't talking to me today.
Made a fresh batch of Confusion Oil, though. It seemed like a good day for it, lol.

As you may or may not know, I love giving big-ups to fellow talented Pagan artisans, and since anything else productive seems unlikely today ;P here are a few links that you guys might like:

Senjo Clothing: Very elegant, slightly twisted Pagan and Fae wear. Definitely NOT the tired Ren Faire garb or sarong (so-wrong) mess that's become standard. I know you're sick of seeing it, 'cause so am I!
You can only get whiplashed from so many over-strained corsets, or beaten up by one too many bustles before you go bat-shit crazy and torch every piece of purple velvet in a half-mile radius. Yeah.

Osseanna has a nice podcast over at GetWitchified. Its become my afternoon routine to load up her latest podcast while I'm making stuff for the shop. She is hysterical, warm, grounded, and takes a lovely intimate tone with her audience. Definitely worth checking out!

The Anti-Craft , for my beloved fellow DIYers, they have brilliant patterns and instructions for all sorts of fiber arts, with a very magical bent.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Robbin said...

I hate to say this but am provoked by your post on plagarism, Senjo Clothing looks an awful lot like Gypsy Moon's stuff. Don't know which came first, though.

Lodestone and Ladys Mantle said...

I honestly don't know who started first, because Senjo has had "We are a small, newly started clothing brand" at the top of their page for at least the last two years :P

I see similarities of inspiration, but really think that Gypsy Moon is jumping into the steam-punk trend, and away from fairy. I didn't see any exact replicas, but Gypsy Moon changes their collection with the seasons; never seen Senjo eliminate a design.

Anyway, thank you for the link/heads up Robbin!