Tuesday, November 4, 2008

That Old Black Magic, Part II, well, not really.

Sorry it took so long to get back to this. Its been a tumultuous few days. My cat Aine got outside (her first time) and I spent the day wandering the neighborhood, trails, and deer paths calling her name. Enlisting the aid of the entire town, some construction workers, and possibly a few squirrels. Its all a bit fuzzy :)
After finally collapsing at home to wait, I did a bit of bibliomancy. The question: "When will she come home?" The answer: "The light".
Sure enough, she came prancing home at the first grey light of dawn. Safe and sound.

I'd love to finish up the post on black magic, its just a bit stonewalling at the moment. I believe that they have a value in the practice of the modern magician. What can hurt can heal, what can heal can hurt, as the old adage goes. With so many curses having their own signature points of manifestation, it's good to know what's being aimed at you, at least for the sake of uncrossing.

So that post is going to sleep for awhile. There are two articles I'm currently juggling, and it looks like they are going to be intertwined with this post, and each other. 1. The rampant plagiarism within the Pagan community(not a CATCHY working title) 2. What Wicca can learn from Hoodoo. It'll be a grand adventure ;)

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