Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Blessing the New Year: January Giveaway!

Welcome to the new year! Beginnings and cusp times are always magical. They tend to be fraught with danger, as well. Most legends and folk customs involve certain ritual elements to assure good luck for the rest of the year.
Lighting a candle to carry light from one year to the next, first footing, eating black eyed peas (one for each day of luck)putting money in every wallet in your home; not to mention the things to be avoided: laundry (lest you wash away members of your family) quarreling (lest you argue and fight the entire year).

In the spirit of the new season, we'd like to offer our wishes for your luck and prosperity throughout the year. Leave a comment on this post to be entered to win a lucky Van Van spell candle!
Handcrafted with non-gmo soy wax*, therapeutic grade organic essential oils, organic herbs, with a wee lodestone tucked in to draw good luck, these candles pack a hefty magical punch.
Burn to attract good luck in all spheres of your life, particularly love and prosperity. This old time formula is also used to repel malevolent magic, so if you've been having difficulty drawing good fortune due to someone else's meddling hands, it's a potent boost to your spell casting.

The winner will be drawn January 15 via random number generator.

Wishing you the best and brightest,
-Carmin & Azzerac
Lodestone & Lady's Mantle

*Non-gmo: soybeans were not genetically modified. Genetically modified crops can have untold, often devastating effects on local flora and fauna. We only use guaranteed non-gmo soy wax to make our spell and ritual candles in the interest of preserving the Earth and our relationship with Her.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year and please sign me up! :D Your Van Van oil has been great and I've been itching to try one of these candles.

Dragonpearl said...

This would be perfect for a friend of mine.

Rowan said...

Tinkle tinkle Tee, That candles is for me!

me 'n ormes said...

Love the article you wrote last week. Great info... see ya soon.