Sunday, September 19, 2010


We have enjoyed producing a variety of "Olde-Schoole" mixtures for Lodestone & Lady's Mantle, and we have many, almost countless mixtures to test & add to our catalog. As well, we have been designing & producing New Mixtures, Tools, & Supplies with the modern practitioner in mind!
We call it "Pragmagic".

The self-standing tapers & Cinnamon Stick Candles (for the Broom-Closeted Practitioner), are just the beginning. Along with other prototypes, like the portable "Magical Circle", and other works, they are geared towards working magic with the modern difficulties.
"Olde-Schoole Magic with a Modern Approach." That is Pragmagic!

Look forward to the additional objects on our Home & Etsy Sites!

I'm Inventing as Fast as I Can

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toadbile said...

Today makes ten weeks since your last post, Madam Curarie. While 25% of the galaxy is on Facebook, some 75% of us ain't: throw a Face-o-phobe a bone, dear.