Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"I Aten't Dead"

"I Aten't Dead"
-Granny Weatherwax

In the words of that marvelous lady, no I'm not dead, just ridiculously busy with the shop. Classes are on hold for the holiday season, while we get the website organized and add new goodies. Hope you guys are well!



me 'n ormes said...

Neat stuff. Keep it up and make sure you take time for yourselves now and then... The taxi guy is making rings out of chain mail... Trying to talk him into coming sunday morning...
See ya soon.

toadbile said...

I might have thought you hibernating if you were not spotted in public. I have radio collars on several manitou witches trying to decern thier obscure habits, but you are invisible: a ghost, passing through at dusk, leaving candles behind like a House of Wax easter bunny. I have sent research assistants to tag your ear, but only one returned alive... well, most of him returned. Can we have that arm back, please?