Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sea Horse of Doom!!! and erm, other things

It needs to feeeed, precious!

Ac has officially adopted the sea-horse-dragon-fetus-demon thing, and promises that it will felt well. I've never felted bamboo before, so the results should be interesting. It tends to take eons to dry after blocking though.

Currently working on other projects. I miss dressmaking (I say that now) and am designing attractive, non-velvet (tired of seeing acres of purple velvet at every Open Sabbat, lol) ritual attire for the shop... not sure when it will be released, perhaps not until early Spring. Made for all body types, stuff that will make you look and feel more like a Goddess and less like a highly flammable Ren Faire reject or a hooker- ever notice that those seems to be the only 2 choices we get in "Pagan Wear"?

Robes you can dance around the bonfire in, mildly drunk, and not go up in flames...Spiral dancing without tripping and falling face first into the Cakes and Wine... speaking from bad personal experiences, lol ;) Pardon if I seem mildly obsessive.
Stuff for guys, too. Oh, you'll see, but I'm very excited about breaking out the needle and thread once again.

A project closer at hand is the Wearable Potions. Made in the true potion tradition with attention to detail; solid perfumes crafted from beeswax, fine oils, organic herbs and essential oils, stones and crystals; made according to Moon phase, day of the week, planetary hour, and astrological conditions.

The first in the series "Aphrodesia" is in the Etsy shop, and we will be adding more in time. :)



me 'n ormes said...

Yeah, I still need to finish the hat, and felt it...
Plan a witch and bitch and let's do it.

Milaka, proprietress, said...

The witchy garments sound great! Something less along the lines of "the dark town whore" would be cool. :o) I actually just took up sewing recently, though it's limited to baby quilts . . . . One of these days I will dare to make something wearable for my rituals. Skyclad is nice, but last winter was frackin' cold! :o) I am a hand sewer so it's all very slow. LOL

FWIW - would you take commissions on the wearable potions? I'd love to talk something out with you. Blessings!

Lodestone and Ladys Mantle said...

I've got to get started on a top hat pretty soon, as a birthday request. You can finish your hat, and I can start mine. ^-^ but blast, I hate knitting in the round!

lmao @ "the dark town whore". Awesome.

I would definitely take commissions on the perfumes, I love doing signature scents!