Monday, September 22, 2008

Wild, Wild Mabon

Happy Mabon to you! This second harvest festival was marked for me by wild cousins everywhere, including Monsieur Reynard lolling in the garden, eating wee mice or maybe my tomatoes.

Apparently, skunks hiss. I got sassed tonight by a skunk hiding in the bushes and eating peaches. Cute little maladjusted booger though. It still doesn't top the raccoon that wanders around the property talking to himself. He's like a little crazy old homeless guy.

One of the things I love about living in Colorado is the very real danger of animal encounters. I know that sounds weird, but everything just seems more...REAL. Even a trip to Tubby's Turnaround for a carton of milk means keeping your eyes peeled after dark.
The bear that pays me no mind as I inch past him, because he's trying to eat my neighbors garbage. There is a mountain lion roaming around town, a little too close for comfort, And yes, garbage should be locked up and pets put in the house at night; my neighbor Debbie just lost a cat to our local mountain lion.
The deer are late this year; I've seen exactly three, but by this time last year there were herds of ten or more grazing outside the door. I remember last September, having to explain very carefully to a three point buck with funny eyebrows that I really, REALLY had to leave for work. I finally gave up and told him to move his fat ass. The cats were quite impressed :P


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